Creating a Frontline ID from email invitation:

Click Create a Frontline ID from the email and follow the instructions. For more information on creating your Frontline ID, please review this article: Receiving an Email Invitation for a Frontline Application.


If you have already updated to a Frontline ID account, then any new Frontline applications will immediately appear in your app switcher, in the upper left-hand corner. No action is required from you!


Once you’ve created your Frontline ID account, you can now log in to when signing into any Frontline application you have access to. You can also switch between applications using the app switcher, shown below. If you have multiple roles, you can role switch (applicable only to Absence Management.)


If you do not see an application you should be associated with, then please contact that system’s administrator.


For more information regarding the change to the new Frontline ID account, please watch this video. We are confident that you will find the new enhancements to be user friendly and to improve your experience with Frontline applications. Please do not hesitate to ask us any questions that you may have at this point.


Thank you!

--Human Resources Department

Jefferson County School District 509-J


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