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Did you know?

Did you know MHS continues to make great strides in improving our graduation rates?  Check out the "Bright Spots" section of this ODE news release to see how the hard work of our students & teachers is paying off!  You can also listen to a recent OPB radio broadcast where they acknowledge MHS's achievements.

ODE Press Release


S1 Proficiency Make-up Plan

Did your student have an NYP at the end of Semester 1?  If so, they did have an opportunity to develop a "Proficiency Make-up Plan" with their teacher to earn a letter grade.  In order to receive a plan your student needs to submit a completed "Guide Room NYP Plan" to their Guide Room teacher.  Please talk with your student about making this a priority.  If they missed the original Proficiency Make Up plan signature date of Jan. 30, 2014, please have them schedule an appointment with their assistant principal to discuss options. 

2013-2014 Proficiency Based Teaching and Learning

The MHS Staff has been on a journey of continuous improvement for several years.  As we planned for next year we gathered feedback from students, staff, parents, and community members.  We identified several next steps outlined below.  We also identified the Guiding Principles below to help us with our decision making.  This led us to finding more ways to reach out to our stake-holders.  The Guiding Principles are the ideal.  We know our system is not there yet, but we are dedicated to working together to get there.  This work started MHS Connections.  MHS Connections is a focus on getting

Parent Resource for Crisis Response

Click on the link below for guidelines on how parents might talk with their youth upon a school crisis.

What do I say to my child?

Social Media Agreement

Madras High School respects the rights of its students to use social media appropriately. However, if social media is used to harass other students we take that very seriously. The Social Networking Agreement is an example of how we work with our students to educate them on how to use social media appropriately and responsibly.  Please contact the MHS office if you would like us to review this with your student.

Social Media Agreement



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