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School choice is an important part of the educational process.  Open Enrollment is an option for families to choose a school other then their resident school.  If you are interested in sending your learner to another school for the 2015-16 school year, please click on the links below for details and associated policy and application forms.  For further information, please call the district office at (541) 475-6192.

Open Enrollment Instructions


In District Transfer Requests:

  • If you wish to send your child or children to a different school, outside of your resident area, but within our district, you must apply through the open enrollment procedures.  
  • A summary of open enrollment conditions and procedures is included with the open enrollment form and available at each school’s main office or the district office.
  • Applications for the upcoming school year must be received at the district office by April 1st.
  • The district is not responsible for any transportation or excess costs.

Out of District Transfer Requests:

  • If you would like to send your child or children to a different school district, you must contact that district directly and follow that district’s open enrollment procedures.



Open Enrollment Policy

Application for Open Enrollment (.pdf)

Application for Open Enrollment (.doc)


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