Special Programs

Section 504 is designed for students who have a physical or mental impairment who require accommodations within the general education classroom

Section 504 Information / Q&A

Section 504 Team Meeting Notice

Section 504 Parent Rights

Section 504 Consent for Evaluation

Section 504 Authorization to Exchange Information

Section 504 Medical Statement

Section 504 Accommodation Plan

Section 504 Manifestation Determination

Section 504 Complaint Form


For questions, you can contact the 504 Coordinator at each school site:


Warm Springs K-8 Academy 541-553-1128

Jessica Dotson (jdotson@509j.net)

Seth Burke (sburke@509j.net)

Metolius Elementary 541-546-3104 Lori Arthur (larthur@509j.net)
Madras Elementary 541-475-3520 Diane Hower (dhower@509j.net)
Buff Elementary 541-475-2457 Tracey Sklenar (tsklenar@509j.net)
Jefferson County Middle School 541-475-7253 Peter Hower (phower@509j.net)
Madras High School 541-475-7265

Julie Nisley (jnisley@509j.net)

Stacey Bruce (sbruce@509j.net)

Bridges Career & Technical High School 541-475-4820 Jessica Swagger (jswagger@509j.net)


Homeless Student Services:
  • Homeless School Age Youth Information

Keila Monroy
Homeless Liaison
541-475-7265 extension 2373


School Psychologist Contact Information:


Lori Funk
Buff Elementary   (541)475-2457
Madras Elementary   (541)475-3520
Metolius Elementary  (541)546-3102
Early Intervention/Early Childhood   (541)475-2804


Kim Hazen
Warm Springs K-8 Academy   (541)553-1128
Early Intervention/Early Childhood (541)475-2804


Richard Lewis, Ph.D.
Madras High School   (541)475-7265
Jefferson County Middle School    (541)475-7253


Speech / Language Pathologists

Emily Dionne

Speech / Language Pathologist
Metolius Elementary School
Grades:  K-5

Kelsey Kraxberger

Speech / Language Pathologist
Jefferson County Middle School
Warm Springs K-8 Academy
Grades:  6-8

Allison Jordan

Speech / Language Pathologist
Madras Elementary School
Grades:  K-5

Justine Irwin

Speech / Language Pathologist
Buff Elementary School
Grades:  K-5

Bailey Sisk

Speech / Language Pathologist
Warm Springs K-8 Academy
Grades:  K-5



Behavior Specialist
Tasha Huskey

Behavior Specialist
Buff Elementary School
Grades:  K-2

Samantha Dominiak

Behavior Specialist
Jefferson County Middle School
Grades:  6-8

Annie Entenmann

Behavior Specialist
Buff Elementary School
Grades:  3-5


The Youth Transition Program partners with schools, Vocational Rehabilitation, and the business community to form partnerships that assist students develop pre-employment training skills


About the Program:


  • The Youth Transition Program serves youth with disabilities statewide.

  • YTP is a partnership with Oregon Vocational Rehabilitation, Oregon Department of Education, University of Oregon, and local school districts statewide.

  • YTP prepares youth with disabilities for employment or career-related post-secondary education or training

Value of Your Partnership:
  • Valuable school and/or community partnerships that make a difference.
  • Participation increases the probability that students with disabilities will become productive citizens.
Benefits to Youth:
  • Development of work experience and job retention skills.
  • Exploring occupations that complement the student's skills and abilities.
  • Develop confidence and self-esteem.
  • Receive consistent individualized support, including follow-up after leaving the YTP program.


    Youth Transition Specialists:
    Dianna Barrett
    (541)475-7265 ext 2335
    Kristi Saulsbury
    (541)475-7265 ext 2336


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